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Today's Thoughts!

"Even the most talented individuals from coaches to copywriters, photographers and artists all low-key wonder if they actually have a distinct style, or if, in fact, their preferences are just a combination of what everyone else is currently into." Kadie Smith

Every artist goes through ups and downs as part of their creative process. My reflections on this give me pause. I've realized that my own style and perspective are always more clear when I'm alone. Listening to classical music while I create is always soothing for me.

Growing up as an only child has probably contributed to this.

I was recently introduced to a beautiful young lady who ran dogs at the field trials. When I saw her, I felt myself start to feel inspired. Women with dogs or any animals with which they are associated have always captured my attention. Sorry guys!!

As I was taking photos of this young lady, I let her borrow my feathered hat. My recommendation was that she get one, since it looked so good on her. After I returned home from the trials, I decided to give this young lady a couple of scarves she could wear during the trials. She would look absolutely gorgeous wearing them. As you can see in the photo above she looks gorgeous with her new hat and scarf.

Thank you my dear for just being you!


"Let yourself be bored, and alone, and maybe even a little lazy. It's when you'll discover that all of the ideas and inspirations and decisions are actually right there in front of you all along." Kadie Smith


The Stone of Truth-The Enlightened Spaniel
by Gary Heads
Bird by Bird
by Anne Lamott

Olafur Arnalds-Live at Sydney Opera House
OMG Fabulous

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Bird by Bird. So good

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