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Then & Now!

Those were the days of film cameras, dark rooms for developing,

and black and white photos.

Growing up, my Grandpa Olund, Uncle Jack, and Uncle Bob took a gazillion photos. I remember so many moments of "wait, I need to check my settings", or "wait, the lighting isn't right". After the photos were taken, they had to be developed. In the following months, the slides or photos would be ready for viewing. We would then set up the backdrop screen and slide machine. That's quite a lot of equipment to just see the slides.

These memories are treasured and I am grateful to the men who gave me the gift of photography. While times may have changed in photography, the goal remains the same, to capture a moment in time so we never forget it.

Grandpa, Grandma & My Mother As A Child


My Moments In Black & White

"By using film cameras, it slows me down, so that I can fully experience the moment."


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