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My Passion Is To Capture The Beauty Of Every Woman!


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My portrait vision for you is to create a photoshoot that provides you with the opportunity to experience what it feels like to be pampered for the day and memorable. 

Have you ever wanted a photograph so exquisite that you would wish to preserve and display it forever?

My promise to you is that I will take the most amazing photographs of you. Photos that you will treasure for a lifetime.


I promise you will really enjoy the service and experience I provide. No matter if you are doing it alone or with loved ones, I promise that you will have a blast and you'll have a beautiful selection of portraits to choose from.

When I am not photographing, I spend my time expanding my education as a student of Sue Bryce & The Portrait Masters, I am also an active member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA).



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Growing up, my Grandpa Olund, Uncle Jack, and Uncle Bob took a gazillion photos. I remember so many moments of "wait, I need to check my settings", or "wait, the lighting isn't right". After the photos were taken, they had to be developed. In the following months, the slides or photos would be ready for viewing. We would then set up the backdrop screen and slide machine. That's quite a lot of equipment to just see the slides.

These memories are treasured and I am grateful to the men who gave me the gift of photography. While times may have changed in photography, the goal remains the same, to capture a moment in time so we never forget it.

Let's Create Your Dream Photo Session Together!
You Deserve To Be Celebrated Every Single Day!


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My job is to direct and pose you so you feel and look amazing! 


I'm looking forward to capturing you with my lens!

"I invite you to a personal session with me,it will change the way you see yourself."

Sue Bryce 

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