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The Story Behind My Passion for Portrait & Dog Photography!

As an only child, Christina spent her early years immersed in creativity, surrounded by people who displayed an interest in the arts. She shared a special bond with her grandfather, Richard Olund, who shared a love of portrait photography with her. As grandpa Olund passed on last year's camera model to Christina, she saw the world through the lens of the treasured hand-me-down. Through her grandfather's guidance, she learned photography, and it became her passion and creative outlet.

Black and White Photo of Man and a Woman

Christina's family had a longstanding interior design business, which she followed as a profession. As a child, she learned the trade from her grandmother Dorothy and aunt Victoria. As Christina observed and learned, she absorbed their knowledge and techniques. Christina spent most days looking for paint colors for clients and mixing gallons of paint for their projects. Additionally, she found fabrics for upholstery or window treatments. As the years progressed Christina learned how to run the business as her aunt Victoria took time off to have a child. Fast forward, the business was sold and Christina continued her career in the paint and wallpaper business with her uncle Lou who had three stores in the Chicago suburbs.

However, life took a sudden turn when Christina's mother and father died within a year of each other. The sudden loss left Christina devastated and in need of a healing diversion from the only life she had ever known. Interior design was no longer for her, so she turned to photography and dog walking for solace.

Christina's mother, Claudia, was an amateur painter, experienced in oils and adept at sketching with pencils and charcoal. Christina pays homage to her heritage by forging her own artistic path. Her photography background, while somewhat non-traditional, was a blend of her grandfather's teachings and online coursework with some self-study.

Through her artistic journey, Christina created a brand that combines both her passion for interior design and her skills in portrait photography to create a brand that is truly memorable. Through her unique blend of techniques and influences, she creates stunning images that capture the essence of her subjects. Her eye for detail and ability to create visually captivating compositions distinguish her work from others.

A woman on a horse.

Christina's artistic journey is a testament to the power of creativity as a means of healing and self-expression. Through her photographs, she brings her subjects' feelings to life, captivating the viewer's imagination and evoking warmth and beauty. Her goal is to make her portrait photo sessions enjoyable, relaxed and most importantly, memorable.

A young girl with her Boykin Spaniel

Christina seeks emotion in every image she takes and turns it into her own art.

Through Christina's images she is telling a story or conveying an emotion in the image.

A woman holding her springer spaniel.

In conclusion, Christina cherishes growing up in a family that found art, photography, and antiques interesting. The experiences she had during her childhood have shaped her appreciation for these mediums and fostered her love for creativity.

Black and white photo of a woman walking her springer spaniel dog


The opportunity to capture your most cherished moments is my greatest joy!


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