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Along My Travels Today!

Everything here in Georgia is blooming and with that we have a cloud of pollen dust floating in the air. We are all sneezing, and everything has a nice coating of green dust on it. I know makes y'all want to move on down here right? Anyway, these flowers are what I get to see on my daily trip to the Post Office.


This Moment - This Memory - Is About You!

My sessions are a collaboration of your story and my eyes. I approach every session with a unique perspective, watching and capturing the natural connections that unfold within you. I am there to guide you the entire way, from carefully styling your session and scouting the most beautiful locations, and gently guiding you with my direction while in front of my lens. My sessions are meant to be a laid back, playful, and most of all, a memorable experience. When I show up at my sessions, it often feels as if I am seeing a long lost friend. The connection I share with my clients is apparent before we even meet.


Have A Blessed Day!


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Great pictures. 👍

Gefällt mir
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