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They Always Touch Our Hearts So Deeply

Craney Hill Well, I Declair

You Will Be Greatly Missed But Never Forgotten

Sweet Clair, she was a fun dog to work with and loved everyone. She always loved going to work and showed off well in front of everyone. She was my dog but Todd trained her in the field, hunted with her and conducted seminars with her. She lived in our home and slept in our bed. Towels were her favorite thing to steal and then bring back to you.

A young lady called us one day and asked if we had any hunting dogs for sale. Her father was turning 65 and the family wanted to get him a hunting dog for his birthday. Todd paused and said let me see what I can arrange. Todd asked what I thought about selling them Clair... I was not too happy that he was considering selling my dog. But let's not get into the details!

In the end, I agreed that this would be the best home for Clair, and then I cried for days. The day came for Grier & Camille to pick up Clair and take her home to TX... There was more crying but all of us this time.

She made her new family so happy for many years and had the best life possible. Losing any animal is so difficult. They affect us all so deeply. Thank you Grier & Camille for everything you did for Clair, and we are deeply sorry for your loss. God Bless You All!

BTW, the day Clair left us I went over to the kennel took Dixie out and said lets go you are coming into the house and you will be my dog. I told Todd hands off you are not getting this one! Now, go hug and kiss your animals! Christina


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