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Before & After

My Method Of Editing Photos!

The photos I take are all in raw form, so they are essentially negatives and require development. On some days, it's a long process and I have to get into the flow of editing. For me, that usually requires some quiet time. While I'm editing photos, I grab my earbuds, pick a song, and get started! As a photographer, I want my work to resemble art. However, I haven't dabbled in painting yet, so this is my interpretation of art. As a photographer, I see every photo as a piece of art and the photo tells me how I should approach it. Following are two images, a before shot taken straight from the camera, and then the finished product.



Each step will not be detailed here. The purpose of this image is to give you a visual idea of my creations. I have a few programs that I use to get the finished look. I use Photoshop, Exposure 7, a portrait smoother, and a program that gives the photos more of an art look.

Cheers Y'all, Christina


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