XO Christina 

Hey there! I'm Christina and I'm a country lifestyle photographer from Mitchell, Georgia.


I spent my early days immersed in creativity, surrounded by adults who loved artistic things. It was Grandpa Olund with whom I shared a special bond- A Love of Photography - as he passed on last year's model of camera to me, I was seeing the world through the treasured hand-me down lens. 



My mother Claudia painted with oils and sketched with pencils & charcoal and in a way I pay tribute to her heritage with my own brand of art. My schooling in photography is somewhat nontraditional-Grandpa taught and self taught with some online courses peppered in. I have found a unique way of capturing moments in the field and if you look closely at my work you will swear that you can tell what the dog or horse is thinking and you will feel the pride and kinship that an owner has for their hardworking companion. 



60 Bridget & Claire  2.jpg

My Daughter Bridget with Her Springer Claire

Old Cameras


 Photography is my passion!

Moments are what I love to capture!

Creating memories is what I love most!