Christina is a true natural photographer! She captures moments on film! Moments that I know I would have missed. I treasure every picture she has taken for me! She has realized the essence of each dog's personality. Christina is an artist with a camera! Excellent choice for any setting!

Jeanne Nabity

321Alan Kermit

"Christina has a great ability to capture beautiful moments when taking pictures of animals. Personally, she has taken some photos of me and Kermit (my English Cocker) together that really captures our special bond. Christina also has a significant amount of experience in photographing “working dogs” and since Kermit is a such a dog and competes in field trials and also hunts, she seems to be able to anticipate and be ready for action shots that most pros, I think, would miss. She has captured some unbelievable shots of Kermit in action that now adorn my office walls. I would highly recommend Christina to be your photographer of choice to capture those special moments with your beloved pet".

Alan Barnes


“Christina was able to capture the most beautiful moments during my daughter’s photo session. The scenery, and her expert eye, combined to create breathtaking photography, which we now have displayed as artwork in our home. I highly recommend Christina’s work.”

Mary Cannon

Finished Product