Behind The Lens - Christina Power Photography

"Be yourself, everyone else is taken". Oscar Wilde

I want you to feel that you can relax in front of my lens.

I want you to just be yourself, let go of all your stresses that you may have in your busy life

This is all about you!

You are beautiful inside and out.

 My job is to help you find your inter beauty and help you to let go.

I want to create your images to embody emotion and feeling.  

Let's do this!

I am a portrait photographer who specializes in Ladies Portraits, Country Lifestyle, Dog & Horse Photography. I love getting women in front of the camera and showing them their gorgeous images. It brings me joy every single time. I think my favorite part of this experience is the session reveal when I show clients their video and prints and get to witness their emotional reactions to seeing themselves the way everyone else sees them. Beautiful!

 I am based out of Mitchell, GA a small rural community. I am one hour west of Augusta, GA and two hours south east of Atlanta. 

My love for photography started back when I was a child. I grew up in a family where my Grandpa and Uncle's always had the camera out, eagerly snapping away photographs and preserving those day to day moments. Sitting down on the floor with our family photo albums and watching slide shows was by far my favorite thing to do as a child. I thank my Grandpa Olund for all of those fond memories and for all of the hand me down camera's and lenses. 

When I'm not working on my photography I'm usually hanging out with my loving husband Todd and my springer Dixie. We always have many springers around the farm as my husband trains dogs. It's always fun to get new puppies and watch them investigate everything because it is all so new to them. Like children they grow up too fast. 

My beautiful daughter Bridget lives in IL, pretty far from Mitchell, GA. We have many laughs and talks via the phone. She also has two springers of her own, Bonnie and Clyde. Which most days Bonnie is getting into trouble in the back yard. It's is hard sometimes being a long distance Mom but our children do grow up.